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   Monthly Meeting Minutes

June 2, 2014


President Bill Cunningham opened the meeting by welcoming all in attendance.  He then asked Treasurer Rich Richardson to report; Rich stated that we currently are very solvent, even though he hasn’t reconciled the statement recently.  The funds collected during the recent Fun-Fly really helped, particularly the Landing-Fee collected from each pilot.  Rich indicated the raffle collected about $275, but then $200 of that amount was given away as the prize, and the 50-50 drawing had similar results.  All in all, the consensus was that the profits from the Fun-Fly really helped and we should definitely ask for a Landing-Fee in future events

Bill requested help from volunteers in seeding grass for areas around the landing strip.  He’s going to be very busy the next few weeks and doesn’t feel he has the time to devote to this task.

Randy Nunley then talked about his church sponsoring another picnic (2nd of July).  The picnic will be held in the same location as last year (south of Ringwood) and members once again are invited to attend and fly their models.  Randy asked that this year we arrange the parking of cars and location of sun-tents and planes such that it affords better observation of the planes in static-display.  

This initiated some discussion about our own 4th of July fun-fly at Boomer Field.  Bill stated we still have a reasonable amount of frozen hot-dogs and “stuff” and we should cook this up before it gets freezer burned.  

A video-tape of the 1999 IMAC National Championships that were held here in Enid is available for those wishing to view it.  Brief discussion resulted in Rich volunteering to attempt transfer of the tape to a DVD format.

Sylvan Reynolds cautioned that all pilots attempting 3-D acrobatics would be better advised to attempt the maneuvers on the east side of the runway and, preferably, “three mistakes” high.  Some pilots have recently been observed attempting maneuvers very close to the ground and mostly on the west side of the runway, dangerously near the pilot-stations and pit-areas.  This generated brief discussion, with the general consensus for all to be vigilant and hopefully avoid any accident/injury from inappropriate and/or unsafe flying practices.

Rich then spoke briefly about other events coming up in June elsewhere in the State.  He encouraged members to get on-line and research these events, attending those possible to help support other clubs in our State and region.  Rich indicated this was particularly true of the upcoming Warbirds Over Oklahoma event.   This generated quite a bit of discussion about some of the pending events.  Rich stated he would attempt to make sure all of Darwin Loomis’ postings are shared with our members.  Darwin tries to keep a running posting of all upcoming flying events and activities.  Check out a link through our Barnstormers site.

After further brief discussion Jim Grantz motioned we adjourn; Ron Rush seconded, and the motion carried.  

The next meeting will be July 7, 2014, at Boomer Field unless otherwise notified.




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