"War Birds Over Arkansas"   Eureka Springs Arkansas 


Dallas and I attended the "War Birds Over Arkansas" in Eureka Springs Ark.  June 6-9.      Our motel commendations were super and the price was right, Dallas & I shared a room Thur., Fri. & Sat nights for a total of $100.00 each.   This area is a great place to bring the wives, there are plenty for them to do & see or just relax around the pool.   Of course sitting round the bon-fire in the evening with some cold beers was great!   I wish I had got pictures of us sitting around the bon-fire at the motel, the Jack Daniels, Rum & coke helped relax  the mood. The flying was great, all three days, Tom Hammer and his volunteers hosted an excellent event.  Several of the Tulsa guys were there, plus all the regular folks from Ar, Mo, Ks added to 47 pilots attending.  This was our fifth year Dallas and I have been to this event.  We plan to go again next year.  Here are some pictures of the activities 



 It was "Another Fine Day At The Flyin' Field"!