New Years Day SPADS Fly In, 02,03,04,05,06,07,08,09,10,11&12

This is northwest Oklahoma, it has been very cold and windy, no snow yet.  Today we had a break in the weather, temperature was in the mid 50s and about 10 mph winds. We had a very good turn out, some of the wives showed up as well.  Linda made chili, Bill Cunningham's wife made chili and  I am nor sure who made the third pot of chili.  We had more than enough chili and side dishes, cookies, cakes and snacks.     This was our eleventh  year flying on New Years Day and we did fly choppers, planes and enjoyed the day.  Since it was not very cold Sammy did make it to the field today.   She gets around pretty good with her wheels, she loves coming to the field.  She is 16 years old now, I hope my flying buddy can make another flying season.  Here are the pictures of the day,  I would like to thank all the folks who came and brought food.   All of you made this "Another Fine Day At The Flying Field"

As you can see we had a lot of airplanes and some helicopters, the flying was great.  This was the best weather we have had in years.  Now we are ready for spring time!



This is northwest Oklahoma and it has been very cold and windy, no snow yet.  The forecast was for a high 32, winds about 13 to 15 with a chill factor of 15.  At 8 am the local TV station had a wind chill factor of -6 degrees.  I hoped everyone would still come out and most did.  Linda made the chili and Dallas's wife Carol made her now famous  Rum Cake, Jerry's oldest daughter Amanda made chili also.  We had plenty of side dishes of chips, cheese & meats and cookies.  This was our tenth  year and we did fly choppers, planes and enjoyed the day.  This is the first year that my flying buddy, Sammy, didn't make the Flying Field.  She is 15 now and she don't get around too well, it was just too cold.  She was very upset, in her heart wanted to go.  She will be ready for a warmer flying season in the spring.

As you can see by the flag it was windy.  Ron & Sandy flew their helicopters, but most of us just brought the electrics to fly.  Some did bring their bigger planes but it was hard to start them.  The Migs that fly were designed by a club member Duke Runnel, this is a very good flying airplane. 

New Years Day 2010

The days before 2010-01-01 was very cold, windy and snow.  I didn't think we could fly on new years day this year, but we were blessed with an unusual break in the weather.  New years day it was a high of 45, light winds and no snow on the field.  Linda made the chili again this year and it was good as always.  Members brought covered dishes and more important Dallas's wife, Carol, made the Rum Cake.  This was our ninth year and we have been able to fly each and every new years day, which is remarkable for Oklahoma.  We did have a member of the Ponca City club attend this year.  My flying buddy, Sammy, has made every year, she is 15 years old now.  I am just happy that she is here and ready for a new flying season.

The 2010 New Years Day Flyers

News Year Day  09

Windy & cold early but temp. warmed up and winds died down.  Another wonderful day. 

Sammy is ready for another new year at the field

You will notice after the first 3 pictures, the date changed on my camera. 

My camera date timer was off, it rolled into 01-02 after 3 pictures,  beautiful day at the flyin field

New Years 08

Very windy & cold, only the combaters could fly, but the chili was good

I forgot my camera but Dallas did get some pictures, the turnout was better than it seems & we did have the chili & rum cake

New Years 07

Another beautiful New Years Day, almost no wind, temp. in the mid 40's

Dallas & Daryal

Dallas logged another safe flight

The guys begin to show up

Kenny has Joy on the buddy box

Clint and his two buddies

Daryal's turn with his electric

Francis got another flight on his new plane

Flightline filling up 

Time for the Chili, my wife Linda made another great batch this year

Paula brought the extra goodies

Kenny & wife Rhoda 

Charlie, his daughter Joy & Dallas with his usual top hat

Joy's new husband & step son

Some of the group, a few left before I got the group shot 

Thank God for "Another Fine Day At The Flyin' Field"

New Years 06

Record breaking high temperatures, but very windy 

The only planes that could fly in the wind, the Combater

My Combater same design, different look

Charlie helping Jerry with his Combater

Jerry, Kenny and I did try a little combat flying

Kenny trying to cut Jerry's tail

Missed him

Dave & Mikie were out flying

Every club has a character, Dallas Morris has the job 

Waiting for the chili to heat up

My wife, Linda, makes great chili

Here are the guys who showed up, where were YOU?

New Years 05

Another cold windy day, no snow 

We had our usual spectators again this year. 

Phil & Charlie 

They are ready fire up the engine.

Phil makes the maiden flight on the Up Roar

Kenny takes to the air with his twin Combater

Look at the flag, we had a 25 mph wind

We had a good turnout for such marginal day.

Rich did fly the Sundancer

Dave & Clint did fly in this wind.

Charlie, Paula, Francis, Dave's wife, Mathew & Mike

Phil, Angela & John

Linda Richardson made a big pot of chili again this year and it was great on this cold day.  We had a very good turn, I just didn't get enough pictures of the families. I am slipping in the picture taking department.  Another start to a new year.

New Years 04

I had misplace these photos & just found them.  I posted Jan 2, 07, but I don't remember much of the day other than it was very windy & cold.  Francis and I were the only ones who flew, the wind gust were up 35 to 40 mph at times.

Joe Campbell with another bowl of chili

Dave has bowl

Francis flying his Biplane

This was between the gusts but look at the flag

I took this of the flyer's who showed up

Joe took this one,  a bad weather day but we did fly again on the new year

Snow Day, Dec 28, 02, Before the 03 New Years Day Fly-In

We had a white Christmas

Great for flying with skis

Kenny & I shoveled our way into the field

Kenny & his Ace, as usual, no pictures of me & plane

New Years 2003

Very cold & high winds, but no snow, it all melted.  Amazing the difference in a couple days

Snow clouds building

 The Chili is on the stove

Nice and warm in the Flight Shack

Doug, Rich, Charlie & Kenny did fly in 30 + winds

The wind had Ole Glory flying straight out 

The wind was so bad it caused the smoke to come in the shack in stead of out the chimney.

New Years Day 2002

A little snow on the tables

Lounging in the Flight Shack

 Thank God for the potbelly stove, it is putin out the heat 

The blue gauge is outside 33 red inside 79 

A look at the flight line

Rich's Sundancer

Francis Matussak's Astro Hog

The Big Race

Charlies' Combat Twin

Kenny Howerton's Twin Combat Ace

Bill Holland's combater "What's Up"

The brave flyers who flew today

Time for the hot chili

After a cold start, it did warm up to 42 & sunny

Shane Buckland makes the last flight of the day

Down safely