The Reconstruction of the C-130

A proven airplane crashed because a minor electrical connector problem.  This project was almost 2 years in the building.  It had more than a dozen flights and proved to be a good flying airplane.  When Kenny finished his C-130 I was challenged to rebuild my crashed bird.  The beginning photos are the  challenge.  I pulled what was left of the airplane out of the attic and we are studying the plans and the major pieces. It survived the crash pretty well as you can see.  Now it is a matter of putting the pieces back together.  Reconstruction began on April 2, 05,  I do have a deadline, it must be flying May 21, 05.

I hope these pictures are self-explanatory.  It is a lot of work in a very short time.  After the airplane is put back together, it must be sanded and repainted.  Please excuse the cluttered mess in the workshop, I don't work neatly especially if time is short.

As you can see I did get it  ready in time for the War Bird Fly-In May 21.  I was not able to fly it before the event so I could not fly an unproven plane in front of spectators.  This was a disappointment for me because I worked so hard to make the deadline.  Time and weather conditions on the 20th would not allow me to make the test flight.  I did make the flight Sunday morning and it flew very well.  During the rebuild it gained 3 pounds and I had the locate the battery all the way forward to get the balance point.  On the second flight dumb thumbs and a cross wind cause it to hit the barrier fence causing minor damage.