The Fairview Air Show 2013

What started as a plea for help turned into one of the better air shows.  Junior, the airport manager called Bill Holland, stating due to the government shut down he could not get the FAA to issue a waver to close the airport for the air show. ( I think a FAA members has to be on site).  Bottom line he had no entertainment for the Fairview Fly-In.   We have been performing at the Fairview Fly-In since 1996 or there abouts.  Bill began making calls to RC modelers provide an all RC Air Show.   As it turned out, the FAA came through and Junior lined up four full scale Aerobatic airplanes , 2 skydivers and a fly-by by a full scale jet aircraft  All this happened over a three day period.  In addition to the SPAD RC Club, we had RC modelers from Guthrie, OKC, Edmund, and  as far south as the Marlow area.  RC models on display and flown  were WWI & WWII aircraft, 3 Turbine Jets, helicopters, large scale biplanes, aerobatic planes and airplanes of the golden age era.  Kenny Howerton  flew his big C-130, which is always impressive.  The weather was just beautiful, low winds and warm temperatures. I tried to take as many picture as I could, but my camera is just not quick enough to get flying shots of the fast movers.  My battery in the camera ran just the 3 Jet flight routine was to begin.

   I believe this was one of our best air shows.  Due to the short notice, Bill Holland also had the do the announcing for the full scale flights and keep a running dialog for the spectators.  He also scheduled the air show flights, mixing the full scale aircraft acts with the RC aircraft which kept something in the air all the time.  Bill Cunningham was the flight line show boss, he had the RCs ready to fly when the full scale completed their routine.  By the end of the day there was a large crowd of spectators, many more that past shows.  Some very happy people.

On behalf of the Fairview Fly-In/Airshow and the SPAD RC Club, we would like to thank all the out of town RC Flyers who brought their aircraft to display and fly for the entertainment of the spectators.


Another Fine Day At The Flying Field!!!