War Birds Over Texas


We took a little trip down to Texas to the third annual "War Birds Over Texas" at Denton Texas.  Kenny & Rhonda and I along with Bill & Sharon Holland  Ok. City, this is our third time for this event.  We left early Friday morning and was on site by 1 pm, and began setting up our canopies and unloading the airplanes.  Several people were already there set up and flying.  We spent the rest of the afternoon flying and visiting with the other flyers we knew from last year.  The guys from Tulsa were there and a couple friends from Arkansas as well.  Terry Farmer ( a great guy) is the sponsor and CD for the event and again he did a great job this year.   We flew until late in the day, tired and hungry we headed to town.  A group of us to our favorite Mexican restaurant, within a short time we were seated and having a cold one.  We got to the motel after 9 pm after have dinner.   After a quick shower, the rest of the guys went to the pool, for a few beers and discuss the days events.    The first day was very enjoyable, lot great flying and the weather light winds but hot, very hot.

Second day we got to the field about 9:30 or 10:00 and there were more new people set up, others arriving, it was going to be another excellent day.  Jim Grantz and his wife spent most of Saturday enjoying the event.  After lunch, which was  very good brisket , bag of chips and a drink. There was a static display of the airplanes over the lunch period.  Time for a photo shoot,  I did get many pictures, I guess I was hoping the guy from from RC Unvirese would be there again this year.  No such luck, a guy from Flying Models was taking pictures  Bill Holland and I flew a WW I routine with his Nieuport 17 and my Fokker Eindecker, again this year but did not get any flying pictures.   Later, there were 4 large Corsairs flying,  Bill's Corsair and 3 others, flew a very impressive formation flight.  By far, the most impressive airplane on the field was the 45% scale SPAD XIII.  The builder drew the plans from 3 view drawings and scaled it to 45%.   The workmanship is utterly fantastic, the pictures just do not justice to work accomplished.  It flew very scale like but with plenty of power to spare.   This plane won the Best of Show.  Truly a remarkable build.  Surprising enough, the Spad XIII from last year was built at the time.  Both modelers built them from the same plans The one this year was in the camo color scheme.  He won best of show this year.   The day was filled with sound of engines racing around the pattern, performing scale maneuvers and softly touching down. The wind was almost down the runway which made for many low level passes and fly bys.  It was another great event, there were several more pilots this year.  The War Birds Over Texas is going to become a must attend event.  I wish we thought to bring our club banner. 

 This was a fun event and I plan on attending again next year.


Thanks Terry For "Another Fine day at the Flying Field"