Dawn Patrol - Rich Richardson

Fred Jungclaus had an idea for the 2011 Dayton Dawn Patrol Rendezvous. He wanted a German Observation Balloon to accompany our scale WW1 planes. He designed the scale balloon, and he and his wife sewed it together. The big balloon was complete with an observation basket hanging below. Fred designed the balloon to be lifted by a few hundred red and yellow helium filled party balloons. Held inside by the fabric and lacing. His idea was to have a release on top, that would allow the red and yellow balloons to spill out looking like the OB was on fire. This was to happen after several of our 1/4 scale models made strafing runs on the OB. Remember this was a prototype. All did not go as planned. The wind seemed to drive the balloon to the ground. But it did manage to stay aloft for quite a few strafing passes by several RC models. But, the lacing release that was to let the fire out, didn't work, and with all the pulling and jerking , the big OB broke loose and took off. It serenely floated over downtown Dayton, unscratched.

This is the long overdue video of that event. Taken directly from the camera, no editing.